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Epicnovel Let Me Game in Peace – Chapter 1035 – Surrender arrive immense suggest-p3
Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1035 – Surrender long-term spotless
“Does it issue who I am? Time waits for nobody. You simply have 59 minutes or so remaining.” Zhou Wen appeared at the time once again.
“110 packages,” Tang Zhizhong clarified.
Immediately after having w.a.n.g Lu’s meaning, Zhou Wen thought to Tang Zhizhong, “Uncle Tang, bring the s.p.a.ce accommodates above. I guarantee that this bureau will admit them.”
“Haven’t you always wanted to arrest me? I’m here to surrender myself personally.” Zhou Wen long his hands and wrists as though he was holding out to generally be handcuffed.
“Please delay. It won’t bring 60 minutes. I’ll get somebody to provide them in 30 minutes.” Tang Zhizhong also understood that there was virtually no chance for results visiting the bureau to request income. He was only passing it on a try.
Tang Zhizhong also received other company’s s.p.a.ce accommodates to accomplish an evaluation test. He found that their s.p.a.ce suits had been not as nice as his company’s, which created Tang Zhizhong really annoyed.
Tang Zhizhong also obtained the other company’s s.p.a.ce fits to accomplish an evaluation test. He found that their s.p.a.ce suits were definitely not as effective as his company’s, which produced Tang Zhizhong pretty furious.
“You should be aware of perfectly that it’s difficult for your bureau for taking sales receipt within your s.p.a.ce match. If you think me, there will still be the chance. When you don’t trust me, there won’t be described as a opportunity in anyway.” Zhou Wen checked right at that moment on his cell phone. “I’ll offer you 1 hour. If you can give the s.p.a.ce suits through, I assure that the bureau normally takes sales receipt of which and pay you as necessary. The premise is always that I had to view those s.p.a.ce satisfies with my personal view.”
“Are… Are you presently really serious?” Tang Zhizhong viewed Zhou Wen in disbelief. Zhou Wen was so youthful, and that he was clearly not really local. It was subsequently hard for him to imagine that Zhou Wen possessed this kind of wonderful strength.
Skies Pa.s.s was also known as the most recognized pa.s.s worldwide. It turned out an exceptionally famous and not known dimensional zone on the Imperial Funds.
“Where are those s.p.a.ce matches now?” Zhou Wen requested since he mailed a note to w.a.n.g Lu, wondering her to help you check out Tang Zhizhong’s company.
“Please wait around. It won’t bring 60 minutes. I’ll get anyone to present them in 30 minutes.” Tang Zhizhong also realized that there was virtually no chance of accomplishment exploring the bureau to ask for dollars. He was only passing it on a go.
“May I recognize what you do?” Tang Zhizhong looked over Zhou Wen in delight.
There weren’t quite a few systems corporations today, and also it was extremely tough to allow them to survive. Tang Zhizhong arrived this point while he hoped that the bureau might take sales receipt from the batch of s.p.a.ce satisfies based on the deal. It didn’t make any difference as long as they quit the companions.h.i.+p down the road.
Tang Zhizhong was already dumbfounded. A fool could convey to that Zhou Wen really was a desired illegal in the bureau, but just how could a sought offender be so ridiculous as to surrender him self?
Common location gateways launched for both sides in an outward direction, although the area gates here didn’t have two panes. They looked like they were one particular ent.i.ty without any spaces.
Let Me Game in Peace

“How long can your company’s s.p.a.ce satisfies survive in s.p.a.ce?” Zhou Wen questioned.
It wasn’t prominent because besides the members of the bureau, a small number of persons could enter in Atmosphere Pa.s.s. Very few men and women understood that which was within.
Tang Zhizhong thought about if Zhou Wen was Shen Yuchi’s boy. Otherwise, how could he obtain the bureau to so easily consider sales receipt of his s.p.a.ce suits?
Let Me Game in Peace
And the one who found out this process was the bureau’s director-basic, Shen Yuchi. Hence, this place down the road took over as the bureau’s headquarters.
Let Me Game in Peace
Tang Zhizhong created a call and contacted his staff to acquire these people to give the s.p.a.ce accommodates over as quickly as possible.
So far, the town gates of Sky Pa.s.s acquired never launched.
Let Me Game in Peace

Let Me Game in Peace
To his astonish, Zhou Wen said, “Director-Normal Shen and the bureau are aiming to arrest me for an extended time. My arrest justify should remain holding on Director-General Shen’s wall, I suppose?”
And the one that found this approach was the bureau’s director-normal, Shen Yuchi. Hence, this position down the road had become the bureau’s headquarters.
“How quite a few s.p.a.ce meets do the bureau obtain from you?” Zhou Wen questioned.
“You need to know very well that it’s difficult for any bureau to consider sales receipt of your own s.p.a.ce suit. If you feel me, there will still be an opportunity. In the event you don’t believe me, there won’t turn into a possibility at all.” Zhou Wen checked during the time on his mobile phone. “I’ll provide you with 1 hour. If you can transmit the s.p.a.ce suits over, I guarantee the bureau will take sales receipt of which and compensate you appropriately. The idea is always that I actually have to see those s.p.a.ce meets with my very own eye.”
blood lines blood price
It wasn’t popular because except for the people in the bureau, hardly any persons could get into Atmosphere Pa.s.s. Hardly any people today knew that which was inside.
Let Me Game in Peace
There weren’t quite a few technologies providers today, and yes it was extremely tough for them to thrive. Tang Zhizhong arrived this point as he hoped the fact that bureau could take invoice of the batch of s.p.a.ce matches based on the commitment. It didn’t make a difference if they halted the spouses.h.i.+p later on.
Tang Zhizhong was overjoyed as he been told that. “That’s great. Our group is preserved. Sir, what’s your company name? What’s your interaction.h.i.+p with Director-Normal Shen? Do you find yourself his general?”
Chapter 1035: Surrender
“It’s obtaining more complicated and more difficult for technologies companies right now. Generally If I can journey through this ordeal, I am ready to close over the enterprise. There’s no future generally if i carry on. Even though I don’t go bankrupt this time, it should eventually come about later on. Teenagers currently simply want to enter in a dimensional area to receive Partner Beasts. No one’s fantasy would be to explore the universe,” Tang Zhizhong said having a sigh.
“May I realize what you do?” Tang Zhizhong investigated Zhou Wen in surprise.

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