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Cultivation Online

NovelCultivation OnlineCultivation Online
1 bear stare
Farming: Not any
Actual physical Security: 10
Cognitive Security: 1,121
Physical Safeguard: 10
“Delightful! I am Elder Piece of music, who seems to be in charge of ensuring that before you decide to all make this area and journey this substantial entire world you will probably have an objective with the items for you to do on this page establish in mind.” A vintage guy in azure robes welcomed everybody, alarming everybody there with where he stood to communicate in their eyes.
The woman climbs in the big mattress that can in shape a whole family of 4, and she lifts his mind, positioning the headgear she got prepared on his go.
“!!!” The beauty’s phrase unexpectedly changed upon finding the information on the crystal tennis ball, her sight filled with disbelief.
The female climbs for the huge bed which may in shape an entire family of some, and she raises his top of your head, getting the head protection she possessed equipped on his head.
“So this is the world’s 1st VRMMORPG with 100% immersion, huh.”
Identity: ???
Bloodline: Nothing
“This is…” The youthful man could only watch in a daze when the gorgeous gal who just came up from the damaged s.p.a.ce begin looking at him from top to bottom. Dressed up in a crimson Cheongsam, her physique was supple and graceful. Her skin functions are well-defined, symmetrical, and peerless. Overall, the beautiful woman appears like an otherworldly G.o.ddess. Even so, in spite of every one of her perfect features, her gaze was nearly anything but warm and friendly.
The countdown ongoing to decrease being the small man tries to familiarize themself using the feeling of switching his arms and legs.
“Thank you…” The youthful person finally spoke right after she gently laid his go down again.
Bloodline: Nothing
Bloodline: Nothing
“I could see… I could truly feel my limbs… I… am not anymore blind or maybe a impact…” The little guy almost shattered downward within this darkness, becoming psychological and nearly slipping to his knees.
Because the system’s see look, the black s.p.a.ce quickly brightens, to become a shiny bright space. And before the little male, a crack appears to be within the s.p.a.ce before him, looking like a gla.s.s windowpane staying broken.
“!!!” The beauty’s term unexpectedly transformed upon finding the info inside the crystal tennis ball, her eyes filled up with disbelief.
Appearance: Heaven Polishing Body
Cultivation Online
When the system’s discover look, the dark s.p.a.ce quickly brightens, becoming a vivid whitened place. And just before the small guy, a break appears in the s.p.a.ce looking at him, giving the impression of a gla.s.s windows simply being chipped.
However, because of this small mankind having put in over fifty percent of his daily life surviving in a planet void of light, he surely could continue living without supplying in lose hope.
Physiological Power: 34
The fracture became greater and bigger — until it was actually big enough to get an mature to suit.
Farming: Probably none
The break grew bigger and larger sized — until it was subsequently large enough for the adult to suit.
“This is… Farming On-line?” His vision widen as he perceives mountain range floating from the heavens above also the clouds.
She stared at him together with her fantastic sight that overflowed with feeling of dominance, and her atmosphere radiated that has a tyrannical energy the small person cannot understand.

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